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Looking for a Wiseman

Thursday 21 January 2010, by Ghislain

Tell me, please, tell me
Yes mate, you, I’m talking to you. I know, we do not know each other. Don’t be so surprise, don’t get through your memories, it will be helpless. You do not know me for sure.
But you look old, you look old and wise. Looking at you, I feel like you already faced so much in your life.
By looking at you I was thinking; "by gosh, he’s surely a kind of noble-minded, the same kind that our elderlies people who give advices and show the way to deal with life to the youngers of the tribe".

That for sure, you look like a man to trust when it is about the way of standing trouble. So please, just stop a moment and listen to my complaint. I’m sure you’ll have the right advice for a younger who needs a hand.
I’m really convinced that you’re the kind of middle-aged person who has had nine lives. It’s so obvious.
I just have to look into your eyes. Those eyes full of sadness, full of hidden anger. They are reflecting pain and regrets. They’re constantly looking backward with the hope of getting back their former tenderness. I bet you’re the perfect man to teach me how to avoid keeping that wistfulness when I stare at my past.

Man, please man, don’t give me wrong. I’m not begging for your money, I’m not seeking for your pity. Don’t give your back to me so disdainfully, I don’t worth your scorn. I’m from Africa where the youngest call on oldest when things get hard, when dead-end leads their way.
Please old man, your gray hair symbolizes your seniority in that life we are suffering; give me assistance on this.
Forget that I’m a black paperless and you an – apparently – worthy white collard European. We are both in the same sidewalk, lonely and deeply caught by our thoughts and one of us can help the other.

Please old man, help me sort out my issue;
How could I earn her mercy after all this time, how could I wipe off all my wrongdoings from her mind!? Please Wiseman, tell me how could I get her back into my life? I’m begging you.