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Fucked up

You’re done!

Wednesday 23 April 2008, by Ghislain

Fucking life ! In every way you’re fucked up
You’re in too late mate. You shouldn’t be there so early
You’re getting too old bro’. You really seem too young, cute boy
You’re so far from her, guy. Don’t stuck on her dude, you’re too close

Fucking life! In any way you’re fucked up
You’re a tough guy. No, you’re fucking rude boy
You’re so sensitive. No, you’re showing up your weakness
You keep on being flegmatique. No, don’t be so COLD !!

Fucking life, as usual you’re fucked up
You are an honest lover. You shouldn’t ! She like rough PIMP
You were open minded boy-friend. Ho crap ! You looked like a bloody vicious guy
You were in love with her. Pff… Obviously for her you’re a liar

Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up.