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I’m carrying a curse... for sure!

Monday 9 November 2009, by Ghislain

I’m carrying a curse, for sure !
It’s the only way I can explain these last days,
It’s surely the only sane explanation of my misfortune

I’m carrying a kind of plague which screwed up my face,
It’s the only sensible reason why all this are happening to me
It’s obviously the only genuine senses of my actual humiliation

I’m carrying a huge bewitchment in my back pack, that the evidence!
It’s the only way to justify that life is acting so foolishly with me
It’s the only thing which can excuse these mistreatments

I’m carrying all the men’s sins, I have my turn
It’s the only believable clue for why I get what I haven’t given
It’s surely why these nightmares are crushing me since weeks

So, how do you explain that someone could be dumped trice in the month!?
So why, by hell, I got stood up five times in seventeen days!?
So how, even not being a randy devil, I blew up so badly on date!?
So how, by gosh, could you explain my sleepiness after this gruesome performance on bed!?

No, that the only explanation, I’m carrying a hideous spell on me.
I know what to do now, I have to find the one who did that to me
I have to flame up that little b… to get back my strong and lasting proud

I’m going to shoot grandpa’! (lol)