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I want it back

Monday 5 October 2009, by Ghislain

I don’t hate you anymore!
I was so mad of you lately.
I was so eager to reject you,
to send you to hell, as far as possible.
I’d like to wipe you off my life definitively

Thrust me, for so long I hated you
My disgust was far beyond understanding
I repulsed you so badly!
To rebuke you violently was my nighly dream
"Get lost !" Was my only words when seing you

Now, I am just empty, full of tiredness
To fight you is too hard, too painfull
I loved you for so long,
I cherished you in my earliest days.
I can’t fool myself anymore, I won’t

I want to get back in your arms
I’d like to enjoy your perfume again
I dearly need to taste your flavour again and again

To be like ready to climb the Everest,
To be like going even crazier every single day,
To feel like flying when enjoying your favours.

Believe me my dearest feeling,
I want you back in my life
I wanna be in love again