Les seules limites sont celles que nous nous imposons

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It’s just love

Tuesday 10 June 2008, by Ghislain

Don’t be afraid, it’s just love
Whatever be the behaviour you’ll see from me
Every foolishness, every sillyness I’ll express
Keep it in your heart; it’s just love

Sweety, together we can get somewhere
We can make it good; make it happy
We can live with our slight crazyness
A piece of spontaneity will make it different
So, remember that; it’s just love

I’ll never make you cry again; never consciously
I want us sharing hope, passion, obsession
I want to see happy tears in your black eyes
Every morning, I want to see your happiness surrounding us
Dear, you know that it’s just love

It’s not just a fantasy in my mind
This noise, it’s my heart sighing after you
It’s saving my blood for when you’ll need it
Your life guarantee my survival
What’s a weird thoughts… but it’s just love