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Love addiction

lundi 21 mai 2012, par Ghislain

I am in love
Totally in love
I can’t hide it
It’s a gift, isn’it ?

No, it’s not. it’s not
I can’t manage this kind of situation
I can’t, my father didn’t teach me how to do,
He forgot to train me on the right thing to do
the right way to handle passion and obsession
the best words to use to turn in my way the addiction

Once, only once, mother told me,
"Son, don’t be fool, let life deal with this,
Let love deal with love
Give time to time to fire off your fellings
Time always sort passion out
And if not,
If even the course of years does not heal you
Then you’ll come back home,
to see you’re mom
I’ll give you the ultimate solution
A shot of cyanide"