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Sun is back

And our life with it

Thursday 1 May 2008, by Ghislain

Sun’s back, life’s back to us
What beautiful news we’ve had this morning
Coming back to us through out the sky, through cumulus nimbus

After a too long trip all around the world, sun comes back to us, and our lifes smile again
We were through so sad and rainy days, too sad for our hearts
We faced so many depressive events, so deep immersion of sadness in our souls
To day, sun comes to get us out the darkness of winter to take us off his constant coldness

Sun’s back my friends and smiles are back on our lips
Woman suddenly shining more, incredibly so cheerful
Man shows friendly atittude, gets out peaceful laughs

Ho sun, we misses you so much, we’ve been waiting for so long
Ho sun, please stay longer in our sky, don’t be so in hurry to leave us, we still need you, for a while

It’s time for you to warm up deeply our heart
It’s time for us to take back hope and optimism
It’s time to pull out from you, vital energy,
needed to face the hardness of this world

Thanks for being back, sun
Thanks for making us recover our life
Damn it ! It’s so good to be alive !