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The girl on the upper deck

Friday 7 August 2009, by Ghislain

The girl on the upper deck looked like her
She had those wide eyes, so shiny!
From time to time she’s throwing quick glances to me,
Her eyes on me were frighteningly full of likeness

The lady who crossed the road looked like her
The way she’s walking fearlessly through the traffic,
Barely noticing the amazed drivers facing her queen’s posture
Every feline steps reminded me her serene power

The whore walking up and down the street looked like her
this slow motion, full of sensuality; so hypnotic!
Her hips waving left and right made me sweat,
exactly like it used to be with her around

The nurse babbling so cutely with babys looked like her
Her calmness and her devotion to these kids blew my hearth out
Her obvious affection to them made me almost cry,
On what should’ve been happening for us

The feminist who did the speech on "human right" looked like her
Her head so proudly up, facing people with passion and certainties
This self-assurance about her beliefs was incredibly like her’s was on our future

I don’t wanna look women again, never
All of them remind me too painfully something of her
Even this so elegant and smartly dressed lady queuing before me looks like…
Ho gosh ! It’s …