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France with 2010 World cup : the merging of football and racism

Monday 30 August 2010, by Dridjo

Football gave way to racism in 2010 through south African World cup.
I don’t want to talk about racist events that occur permanently in European championships in general. Every years we hear about monkey noises against black players in Italy, Spain or Russia. Every football season shows fights between extremist - generally right wing - hooligans in Netherlands or in France. I could multiply these kind of examples all through this paper, but that is not my purpose today. Today my angriness is on a more "basic" racist facts. The kind of every day says which make "banal" all clichés on people who are different. I am talking about racist behaviours brought by stupidity.

We know that some people have really awful thoughts about the superiority of their color-skin, their ethnicity… but don’t be wrong, they are not always white. Easy judgements and clichés are the other face of racism and, in my understanding, they are even worst.
On my says I shall actually focus on French football team because France has gave me so much material lately that I could darkened six pages with wraith.
Because of 2 or 3 black football players, all villainy has been put on the shoulders of those "French who are from abroad".

Within only 2 weeks, all the French suburbs people - the poorest, the weakest and mainly the immigrants – seemed to have became the worst wrongdoers of all the French history! Because of a simple game, foreigners and non-Caucasian French people have been sentenced to be responsible of bringing France down: insecurity, unemployment, miseducation and even credit crunch; fault befall on them.
Since June 2010 the non-caucasians are pointed out as bad citizens who hate, the so kind, Vercingetorix country just because of some football players who do not sung "La marseillaise".
I am a football fan, I was a "socios" of French team even before I learned to walk. I remember me and my father, sitting on the porch and watching the 1984 European football championship on our black and white TV screen with all our neighbouring in Congo. And I can not dig out of my memories seeing Platini, Giresse or Six singing "La Marseillaise". I tried to find papers of those times which was teasing them down because of their inability to scream a song war, I have find no one.

In 2010 things has changed. All French TVs, radios and papers are now full of nationalist "experts" who debates on football players who go against their country and who shall be sentenced – almost – to death.
The craziest thing is that the only one white player who has bowls to claim that he was part of the mess is still spared by critics. He took his responsibilities and do not wanted his team-mates to be the only ones put down while he took a great part on the event. Nevertheless, the only names put on the French people vindictiveness are those of the 3 black players... and the muslim one.
By the way, the other sissies kept shut and let the disgrace befall on their team-mates… I would have preferred to have a nazi beside me than those kind of team-mates. At least, with the first one, you know with who you are dealing.

In 2010 football is the caricatural representation of what is going on in french society. The leaders make the shit - they fail on their job to manage country and to create conditions for success -, and the herds are condemned for falling into the hole dug by their bosses.
The obvious examples are both "Société Général" and French Football Federation (FFF) which are twin brothers who bear same racism. They are led by a cast of well-born people who want to preserve their social advantages against the populace who try to reach the highest floor of wealth.
The technic they use is always the same; create confrontation between the weak to the poorest and between the poor to the weakest. The only difference is that blacks and Asians people are so unmistakeably noticeable that they are really easy put forward to become the scapegoats. The artificially created hatred is used by some people to gain richness and power on other people. All this through football.