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The death of intimacy

Tuesday 17 August 2010, by Dridjo

When Social Network and mobile phone both met, nobody expected the awful events that happened then. No one.
We were all of us focus on what’s will went better in communication amongst people. Easily reachable, keep in touch with beloved persons, never lost in the midst of the wild modern cities, send quickly information and get even quicker a response… That was the the shining technological future we were expecting. And then…
Then, we eventually met with this future. This so called "social Network world" befell on us, and we started to realised how deep we dug our own grave. We ditch a profound hole and we laid into it the nerves of all safety net necessary to remain psychologicaly a socially integrated person: the intimacy!
Intimacy get ill with the rise of mobile phone in our live, it brushes with death when the first bloggin’ appeared and it get buried with the coming of I-phone and all its kind.

Seems like times ago when you could just leave the burning house for a short walk in, to take some Seems like times ago when you could just leave the burning house for a short walk in, to take some fresh air away from an angry spouse. Now she will keep bursting you out through your Nokia, and do not dare to not pick up the phone!
Long ago you could have the whole attention of the chick you invited in restaurant, you did have time to place some good verbs before lying down on bed. In our days it even not necessary to talk, she will text on her digital screen all through the diner some silly messages to her mates or ex-boy friend!
During the last century it was possible to have an intercourse (sic), with the necessary massage step, and be sure that no ringtones will put a mess into your vital job. Those times are replaced by the era of free calls that allow stupid people to ring you indefinitely until you pick the phone, and if ever the caller grow tired, the answering machine will get the line and call you up till you rush out from your bed to Switch off the holy bastard telephone you left on the sofa!
Decade ago when you had a lover, you had all the day to fix your libido and to think on a good lies for the deceived husband who will have questioned about where you were. In 2010 the sucker calls you ever minutes to know where you are, what you are doing, with who you are. The result is, divorces spread out as the couples do not have any more this safety valve for freedom feeling which is unfaithfulness.
Not so long behind, you could choose public transportation as social place to meet some guys and girls. Buses and metros were decent place to catch glimps of future kisses into the eyes of your neighbor. With people enslaves now by earphones and locked into Internet on mobile, you better go your way unless you are fond of scornful stare.

I tell you my friend, we suffer a great loss; the missing of the right to be solitary, to have the tiniest room for privacy, to enjoy long moments of privacy.
The worst is to come, I know it. Social prisons will grow into us and we will keep moving appart from social life. We will soon be snowed under by I-phones and Internet networks, and we will live more and more cloistered, even more lonely.
I know it, I just bought an I-pad.